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Coming Soon 2023! Andy’s Pet Veterinary Clinic!
In the heart of Glendale, CA!

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Grooming Your Pet Can Improve Their Health

You love your four legged friends and you want them to be with you for a long time. You already give them the proper food, take them to the vet, and do other things to ensure good health and longevity but there is something else you can do to improve their well being, something you might not realize is important to their health; grooming your pet. Pet Grooming is just as vital in keeping your pet healthy as diet, vaccinations and daily exercise is. Grooming your pet will improve his/her health and give them better preventive measures against health problems.

Here are the ways you should groom your pet and how that grooming improves their well being:

Brushing your pet’s coat/Skin Problems:

Brushing your pets coat will prevent matting. If you overlook brushing your pet’s coat it can lead to them developing skin diseases and irritation. Brushing also removes dead skills and prevents scratching. Grooming can also help for an early detection of these possible problems and early treatment as well.


When you bath your pet always use the proper pet shampoo and conditioner. This will not only keep your pet’s coat clean and healthy but will also prevent itching, irritation and dry skin. It also allows you to detect any presence of fleas, ticks and lice and other signs of skin problems.

Trimming Pet’s Nails/Overgrown Nails:

Overgrown nails can cause your pet to walk awkwardly which can lead to bleeding and paw infection as well as a great deal of pain. Clipping the nails regularly will resolve paw and nail problems. Just make sure to cut only the tip of the nail and avoid hitting the veins.

Cleaning Ears:

This helps in preventing chronic ear infections. When pet ears are cleaned at least once a week, this can prevent the possible growth of bacteria and yeast that can grow inside the ears resulting in ear problems later on.

Cleaning Teeth:

When pet’s teeth are left unclean this could result in gum and mouth diseases. This can also cause bad breath and damaged teeth that will fall out. Sometimes, this makes the pet malnourished if they can’t eat properly because of the tooth problem. This can also lead to other health problems when your pet ingests bacteria from their mouth.

Bacteria & Eye Infections:

When hair covers the eyes of your pet it will not only make it difficult for him/her to see but will allow dirt and bacteria to develop around your pet’s eyes leading to eye infections.

All of these possible health problems can be prevented when grooming is done regularly. This involves bathing, brushing, ear cleaning, nail clipping and others. Grooming sessions with your pet is an excellent time to check for any abnormalities such as spots, lumps, abrasions, cut and others in your pet. As you can see grooming is a great way to improve the health of your pet. Grooming also allows you to spend more time with your pet, strengthening your bond.

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