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Coming Soon 2023! Andy’s Pet Veterinary Clinic!
In the heart of Glendale, CA!

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Essential EtiquetteTo Make Taking Your Dog Out In Public Safe And Enjoyable

Dog lovers know how great it is to spend time with their furry family members, and it is becoming more common for that to include taking them with you to dog-friendly public places and businesses. But just as there are etiquette rules for how people act in public, following proper etiquette is equally important when bringing your dog along. It takes proper training and a little preparation to make sure your public outings are safe and enjoyable for

Know Your Dog’s Temperament

Before taking your dog anywhere in public, you want to be aware of their temperament so you know what to expect. The ideal temperament for a dog to be social is one who is easy going, tolerant, and not fearful. A dog who is fearful or aggressive should not be out in public. If your dog hasn’t been socialized outside of your home, you may not know how he would react around other people and dogs. The Spruce Pets recommends socializing your dog by taking walks around your neighborhood and by inviting friends to visit.

Make Safety a Priority

Even when you are familiar with your own dog’s temperament, you never know what you’re going to encounter out in public. Be prepared by having your dog safely restrained, with a collar or harness, using a good-quality leash, and having vaccine and ID tags attached. Learn dog-walking safety tips so that a walk in the park doesn’t become dangerous. It’s very important to know how to react when you encounter other dogs, how to stay safe at night, and how to protect them from the elements. Be aware of your own demeanor, too, and always try to keep calm when you’re out with your dog.

Expect Good Manners

The number one way to have a good experience out together is to train your dog to obey commands. Make sure he knows the basics (sit, stay, heel, and come) and keep a few extra tips in mind when you go to restaurants. According to VetStreet, proper restaurant behavior should include keeping all paws on the floor and not begging. They also recommend giving your pooch an opportunity to be active before going out so he’s ready to sit calmly.

Show Good Manners

You expect good manners from your dog when you’re out in public, but you should also show good manners by being respectful of others. Make sure you’re familiar with local laws for pets. Besides legal requirements, each business will have their own policies regarding animals, so find out ahead of time whether dogs are allowed and what guidelines the business has.

Even when you know dogs are allowed, always stay respectful of other people’s space. Don’t let your dog wander around to other people, who may not appreciate sloppy dog kisses the way you do. More people are taking dogs to work these days, which is great if your office is on board. Just be sure to check with all coworkers first in case someone is allergic.

Respecting space includes other dogs as well. Even if your dog is friendly, another dog who approaches may not be. When you encounter other dogs, always ask their owner if it’s okay for them to interact before assuming they’re going to become instant friends.

Consider keeping a portable water bowl with you when you’re out, rather than assuming you can find access to water for your pup. And of course, never forget to pick up after your dog. More cities are encouraging dog friendliness by providing stations with waste bags, but failing to make use of them is a major breach of public dog etiquette. If you take your dog to businesses that are indoors, walk them beforehand to avoid messes.

Your number one job as a pet parent is to keep your dog safe and happy. For many dogs, being out and socializing is the definition of happiness, and of course, you both enjoy the time together. Don’t forget these tips on your next outing so that safety is always a priority, too.

Article by: Tyler Evans of Dogzasters 

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